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Tear sheets

Signal Library

The ClearENGINE™ transforms data into investment signals. Use our signal library to determine which signals are best for your asset class focus, and investment horizon.

Investment Ratings

We identify the top opportunities and risks across global assets, and across different time horizons, using our investment ratings, which are built from our signals.

Risk Appetite Matrix

Determine what the risk appetite for global equities is over the short- and medium-term, using our risk appetite matrix.

Systematic Strategies

Use our fully rules-based models to automatically allocate to long/short positions on a monthly basis.


By applying our signals and investment ratings to thematic ideas we can rate and track the investability of the themes in real time.

Portfolio Diagnostic

Apply our signals and investment ratings to your portfolio to automatically determine areas of opportunities and risks.

Long Term Return Estimates

ClearMacro’s Long Term Return Framework is designed to systematically estimate the likely contribution of growth, income, and value factors to future returns.


What is the ClearENGINE?

How do I use ClearMacro’s Signals?

How do I Generate Investment Ideas Using ClearENGINE?